Our Story

My grandfather Subodh, whom we lovingly call Nana has spent his life understanding every detail of the milling process. As chief miller for the South India Flour Company, he oversaw the daily operation of the mill for over 40 years. A lifelong inventor and machinist, Nana realized there was a better way to process material in the mill and set out to open his own mill in Chennai, India.
Over the next 10 years he worked on the design and fabrication of the world's first cold-grinding mill. Our mill keeps the product as cold as possible by keeping friction to an absolute minimum, replicating traditional hand-pounding methods. This preserves the quality and fragrance of the spices that our farmers work so hard to produce. 
At our mill, Nana focuses on two guiding principles which have become the central tenets of our brand today: honesty (ईमान) and purity (परिवार). Nana's Spices is a family business, from the procurement of the spices to the operation of the mill to the packing and distribution of the final product. Because we oversee every step of the production process, we are confident in our ability to be honest with you at a level other brands can't. Our products are never adulterated with chalks, metals, or dyes. That's our purity guarantee.